Why Coconut Sugar is Healthy and Better?

In this modern era, the standard of living for healthy always increases. Maybe we often think that a healthy life is always not delicious, especially we can not enjoy the sweet taste. Over time, many natural sweeteners can still provide pleasure in food but will not interfere with your health. One of them is a natural sweetener that is quite well known, namely coconut sugar. Some of you will definitely ask, is it true that coconut sugar is healthy and better than other sweeteners? and what the coconut sugar health benefits?

Here are 3 reasons why coconut sugar is healthy and better than other sweeteners:
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1. Coconut Sugar Has a Low Glycemic Index

Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index, which is 35. You must be wondering, what is the glycemic index? According to the journal that we quoted from Hellosehat.com, the glycemic index is the process of converting food into glucose in our bodies. Simply put, the higher the glycemic index, the faster the food you eat turns into glucose which will cause your blood sugar levels to be higher.

Then what about the standard glycemic index in food?

The glycemic index can be categorized into 3:

  • Foods with low glycemic index: GI<55
  • Foods with a medium glycemic index: 56>GI<69
  • Foods with a high glycemic index :GI?70

Coconut sugar has a glycemic index of 35 which means it is low. Wow! maybe it surprises you because coconut sugar is a natural sweetener that can be said to be much healthier than other sweeteners. For your information, the sugar that you usually find in your kitchen has a glycemic index of 100. Wow! that surprises you even more doesn't it? Coconut sugar has a very low glycemic index compared to regular sugar. Maybe this will answer your thought about "is coconut sugar healthier than white sugar?"

2. Value for money

Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener that can be said to be healthier than the sugar you usually find in the kitchen. Indeed, coconut sugar has a slightly more expensive price compared to granulated sugar, but is it okay to pay a little more for your health? When compared to other natural sweeteners, the price of coconut sugar has very good value for money. With the value for money you have, you can get 2Kg of granulated sugar and only get 1.5Kg of coconut sugar. But health is much more important right?

Or do you still want to compare coconut sugar with other sweeteners like stevia? you need to know the price of stevia is much more expensive than other sweeteners, we can say that stevia is a premium sweetener, not everyone can taste it! Don't delay your healthy lifestyle because you can't have stevia as a healthy sweetener. You have lots of healthy sweetener alternatives, but once you find out more, you will surely agree that coconut sugar is the most suitable sweetener for you.

3. Easy to find

Coconut sugar is easy to find everywhere, if you go to a supermarket or minimarket, you will definitely find coconut sugar. You will find many brands of coconut sugar, but don't choose the wrong one. By The Way, you also need to know the characteristics of good quality coconut sugar. Surely a question will arise in your mind, how do I find the best coconut sugar huh? You can check on our website. We only market the best quality coconut sugar, if you don't believe it, let's try it together!

Now that you know this, are you starting to understand why we need to agree on why coconut sugar is better, right? we need to raise our health standards, keep in mind healthy living does not mean a life that is empty without sweetness, we still need sweetness, but not sweetness that makes us suffer, but sweetness that leads us to a better direction

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