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Coconut Sugar Supplier in Mexico

As the world becomes increasingly health-conscious, the demand for natural and healthier alternatives to traditional sweeteners has been on the rise. In Mexico, a country known for its rich culinary heritage, the trend towards healthier eating habits has led to the spotlight on coconut sugar as a sought-after sweetener. Additionally, the broader landscape of healthy food trends in Mexico for 2023 encompasses a wide array of choices that cater to the evolving preferences of consumers.

Based on data for 2022, the market size for healthy food in Mexico will increase by no less than 96.6 thousand tonnes and it is projected to become 117.1 thousand tonnes in 2026.

Global Coco Sugar, which is supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and the Central Java provincial government, sees that Mexico has the same vision to change eating habits to much healthier foods. Therefore we are trying to change the habits of the Mexican people so that they can taste and have access to healthy food products from Global Coco Sugar.

When we were in Mexico, many Mexicans were not too familiar with the natural sweetener of coconut sugar. Even though coconut sugar is quite popular in the world as a natural sweetener that has a low glycemic index, this does not seem to be the case in Mexico. Mexicans are still not familiar with coconut-derived products, especially coconut sugar products. Many of them are quite interested in our coconut sugar products.

Muhammad Arsyi as CEO of Global Coco Sugar said "We bring our collaborative products such as coffee, cake, milk, biscuits, one of the product ingredients using our product. Many of them are very interested and really like the taste of our products.”

He also said that “We bring our products that prioritize health values ​​and can support a plant based diet. Our superior products such as coconut sugar, virgin coconut oil, and coconut milk are the most attractive products for Mexicans”

Coconut Blossom Sugar: The Sweet Sensation

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Coconut sugar, derived from the sap of coconut tree blossoms, has gained considerable attention in recent years due to its potential health benefits and low glycemic index. This natural sweetener has become a popular alternative to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, aligning with the growing awareness of the negative impacts of excessive sugar consumption. The distinct caramel-like flavor of coconut sugar adds depth to a variety of dishes, making it a versatile choice for both beverages and culinary creations.

The Rise of Coconut Flower Sugar in Mexico

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Mexico, known for its abundance of coconuts, has embraced the coconut sugar trend with open arms. As consumers seek healthier alternatives without compromising on taste, coconut sugar has found its way into traditional Mexican recipes, including beverages like horchata and baked goods like conchas. Local producers have recognized the demand and are tapping into the growing market by offering high-quality, locally sourced coconut sugar products.

Best Virgin Coconut Oil Supplier In Mexico

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We, as one of the best suppliers of virgin coconut oil from Indonesia, are trying to introduce virgin coconut oil products in Mexico. We are supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and the provincial government of Central Java, Indonesia to penetrate and introduce virgin coconut oil products

One of our superior products that has caught the attention of Mexicans is virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil offers numerous health benefits. Its medium-chain fatty acids support immune function, while antioxidants reduce oxidative stress. It can improve heart health by balancing cholesterol levels and aid weight management through increased metabolic rate. Additionally, it promotes brain function due to ketone production, potentially benefiting conditions like Alzheimer's. Its moisturizing properties also make it ideal for skin and hair care. While beneficial, it's calorie-dense, so moderate consumption is advised, especially with preexisting health conditions. Consulting a healthcare professional is recommended before significant dietary changes.

Health-Conscious Consumer Choices

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Beyond the realm of sweeteners, the healthy food trends in Mexico for 2023 are diverse and reflective of the nation's rich food culture. Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards whole foods, plant-based diets, and functional ingredients. The traditional Mexican diet, which often includes staples like beans, avocados, and various chili peppers, aligns with many of these trends. Additionally, there's a rising interest in incorporating indigenous ingredients and superfoods, such as chia seeds, amaranth, and nopal (cactus), into everyday meals.

Local and Sustainable Sourcing Of Coconut Products

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In 2023, sustainability remains a crucial consideration for health-conscious consumers in Mexico. The emphasis on locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices is driving the demand for products that have a smaller ecological footprint. This trend has led to increased partnerships between local farmers, producers, and retailers, ensuring that fresher and more environmentally friendly options are readily available to consumers.

Innovation and Convenience

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The intersection of health and convenience is another notable aspect of the healthy food trends in Mexico. As busy lifestyles continue to be the norm, consumers are looking for options that offer both nutritional value and ease of preparation. This has spurred the growth of pre-packaged, nutritious meal solutions, as well as innovative product offerings that cater to specific dietary needs, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and allergen-free choices.


Mexico's culinary landscape is evolving, driven by a desire for healthier alternatives and more conscious eating habits. The coconut sugar trend reflects a broader shift towards natural sweeteners, while the diverse array of healthy food trends in 2023 showcases the country's commitment to preserving its culinary heritage while embracing modern dietary preferences. As consumers become more informed about the impact of their food choices, the Mexican food industry continues to adapt and innovate to meet their demands for delicious and nutritious options.

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