Global Coco Sugar At Trade Expo Indonesia 2023

Global Coco Sugar Attending Largest Expo In Indonesia

Global Coco Sugar as one of the biggest supplier of coconut derivative products attending largest expo in Indonesia, 38th Trade Expo Indonesia 2023. We have a mission to bring Indonesia coconut products can be more popular on the global stage.

At this event we brought all our superior products such as powdered organic coconut sugar, liquid organic coconut sugar, organic coconut sugar cubes, grated coconut, coconut milk, organic virgin coconut oil, and coconut oil.

We also introduced our newest retail brand and the public gave a very good response to our newest retail brand. Currently, we try to expanse our retail brand to minimarket and supermarket in Indonesia, we see that Indonesians already concern about eating table sugar and try to change habbit to healthier sweetener, and one of the best alternative is coconut sugar

What Is Trade Expo Indonesia?

Trade Expo Indonesia, often abbreviated as TEI, is an annual trade event that serves as Indonesia's flagship trade promotion and export development program. The event is organized by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia and various other Indonesian government institutions, as well as business associations.

Trade Expo Indonesia is designed to showcase Indonesia's diverse range of products and services to both domestic and international markets. It provides a platform for Indonesian businesses to connect with potential buyers, importers, and investors from around the world. The event typically features various industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, creative industries, and more.

Key objectives of The Event include promoting Indonesia's exports, attracting foreign investment, and fostering business collaborations. The expo often includes business matchmaking sessions, seminars, and networking opportunities, making it an important event for both Indonesian businesses looking to expand internationally and foreign companies interested in doing business in Indonesia.

Trade Expo Indonesia is part of Indonesia's efforts to boost its trade and investment sectors and strengthen its economic ties with other countries. It plays a crucial role in facilitating trade relations and promoting Indonesia as a hub for business and investment in Southeast Asia.

TEI held in 2 types of exhibition which is Offline Exhibition 18-22 October 2023, and Online Exhibition 18 October - 18 December 2023. The online exhibition can be accessed in their website

Global Coco Sugar At 38th Trade Expo Indonesia 2023

At this event we received support from the state-owned enterprise (BUMN) Pertamina and Bank Indonesia as Bank Central Indonesia. We received support to enliven the 38th Trade Expo Indonesia event in the form of providing 2 free booths, export training, and also sponsorship to attend other expos abroad in the future.

Mr Arsyi as CEO of Global Coco Sugar said, we are very lucky to be able to get support from the Indonesian government so that we can develop the market for our products to the global stage. We are also very grateful to the 2023 Indonesian Trade Expo committee because we received excellent facilities to enliven this event. We also hope that our products will become better known in the eyes of the world, which will ultimately help Indonesia's economic growth in terms of exports. We also thank the Regent of Purbalingga Mrs. Dyah Hayuning Pratiwi and her staff for visiting our booth and providing our support to promote Purbalingga products to the eyes of the world.

Besides that, Mr. Rifqi also commented regarding participation of The Company in the 2023 Indonesian Trade Expo. We are very grateful to Bank Indonesia and Pertamina as representatives of the Indonesian government for supporting our participation in the Indonesian trade expo this time. We really hope that in the future our products will attract attention and spread awareness among foreign tourists and ambassadors from friendly countries, so that later this can help us expand to other countries.

The 2023 Indonesia Trade Expo event is also very much in line with our company vision and mission to promote Indonesian coconut products more widely, which later when we get partners for expansion will have a big impact on the welfare of farmers around us.

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