Secret Trick: Determine Which Coconut Sugar Is The Best
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Which Coconut Sugar is The Best? Coconut sugar, a natural sweetener derived from coconut tree sap, this product has advantages over other natural sweeteners, namely with a low glycemic index and unique taste. Plus coconut sugar can also be categorized as a nut-free product. Because even though coconut sugar has the word "coconut" in it, in fact coconut sugar comes not from coconuts, but from coconut tree sap. So far we have not found any reports or cases of coconut sugar allergens

After understanding the product briefly, the question will surely arise from us, “which coconut sugar is the best?' or “how to choose the best coconut sugar”. If you have a question like that, you are lucky to have found this article, because we will go deeper into the answers to these questions.

Here's how to determine which coconut sugar is the best:

Best Coconut Sugar Certification

For those of you who are new to coconut sugar products, seeing product certification is the easiest thing, with an internationally recognized product certification, the product must have the best quality. Generally, coconut sugar product certifications are Organic, Halal, Kosher, and also HACCP.

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Organic Certification is a certification that forces producers to maintain the organic status of their products without the presence of certain chemical mixtures, both from the coconut tree planting area to the processing stage. This organic certification can also be a standard if the product is a natural product and there is no genetic change for the product that can cause health problems if consumed in the long term and in large quantities.
Furthermore, Halal and Kosher certifications, these two product certifications are actually very closely related to religious values. The standard of food both from food sources, food mixes, processing methods applied by Muslims is Halal, while Kosher food standards come from adherents of the Jewish religion.
HACCP certification may rarely be heard by retail buyers, but this certification is actually the basis of other certifications, this HACCP certification serves to force manufacturers to process products according to standards both from processing methods, cleanliness of processing sites, and also machine maintenance for processing.

Good Specification For Coconut Sugar

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Product specifications are important, especially for those of you who want to buy wholesale and not retail. The general specification for powdered coconut sugar is the degree of dryness. A good dryness level of powdered coconut sugar is <3%. Maybe you will ask why the level of dryness is important, a low level of dryness makes the quality of coconut sugar much better, this is because if the dryness level of powdered coconut sugar is more than 3% then the possibility of the product to get moldy is higher because with such conditions then the powdered coconut sugar product can be said to be too moist.
Meanwhile, for liquid coconut sugar, the specifications that need to be considered are the brix value of the product, a good brix value for liquid coconut sugar is 70 – 77. If you are still unfamiliar with the term brix, brix is ​​the level of viscosity of the product, so the higher the brix value, the thicker the liquid coconut sugar product.

Good Packaging For Coconut Sugar

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The next most important thing is the packaging of the coconut sugar you buy, if you buy retail coconut sugar, make sure the material for the coconut sugar packaging you buy has food grade status, with good packaging it will reduce the risk of coconut sugar "expiring" faster and prevent damage product that you buy, this will make it easier for you to store coconut sugar.
Meanwhile, if you buy in bulk, good packaging is strong packaging, as an example of good packaging for coconut sugar is 25kg paperbag packaging with plastic coated inside the paperbag. Besides that, powdered coconut sugar packaging can be broken down into 10 kg and put in a carton, this can minimize the amount of damage if there is damage to the product.

So Which Coconut Sugar Is The Best?

all depends on your needs. But you need to pay attention to product certification, good packaging, and product specifications that suit your needs
Those are our tips for choosing the best coconut sugar, hopefully it answers your questions! If you are looking for the best coconut sugar supplier. Global Coco Sugar is one of the best coconut sugar supplier in Indonesia, check it out!

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