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What Is Global Coco Sugar?

Global Coco Sugar is The Most Reliable Coconut Products Supplier from Indonesia and we distributed our products all over the world.

Started as a successful coconut sugar supplier, and now we are expanding our products to coconut cream, bulk coconut milk, coconut powder and desiccated coconut. Slowly but sure, now our company also becoming one of the best coconut powder manufacturers from Indonesia.

We will keep expanse our product range and broaden other commodities.


We uphold the integrity of our company to maintain honesty with our partners, behave fairly and respect each other.


Our products are made from selected coconut trees and have been certified internationally. as well, we pay great attention to the quality of our products in good condition.


We uphold a clear and transparent flow process. Thus, there is no misunderstanding and unfair treatment.

Innovative & Collaborative

We always open to new ideas prioritize good relationship of collaboration.

What makes Global Coco Sugar Different From Other Coconut Sugar Supplier in Indonesia?

As the reliable Coconut product supplier, especially the best wholesale coconut suppliers in Indonesia, We always standarized our product with International standard quality such as International food safety (HACCP), Organic Certification (USDA Organic, EU Organic), and Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS), Furthermore, we always commit to our key value and try our best to serve customers. We provide bulk coconut sugar and retail packaging

coconut product supplier in indonesia
coconut sugar supplier in indonesia

How to Make: Coconut Sugar

It begins with harvesting or “tapping” a coconut tree flower bud stem. Thereafter, farmers will slice the stem and the sap begins to flow into containers. the containers will vaporize the sap moisture content. Later on, the collected sap is transferred into large woks and put over moderate heat. At this point, also known as coconut neera or nira (Indonesia & Malaysia), coconut toddy (Sri Lanka), maprau (Thailand), or lagbi (North Africa). Finally, It begins to convert into a nectar coconut syrup. furthermore, as the water evaporates, finally it turned into crystal, powder, granulated form.

Coconut Sugar Vs Brown Sugar

Coconut sugar is made from the nectar of coconut palm flowers. The nectar is heated until all the liquid evaporates. Coconut sugar is very lightly processed, in comparison to white or brown sugar. on the other side,

Brown sugar is made from either cane sugar or sugar beets, just like white sugar. In other words, brown sugars are simply white refined sugar with molasses added back in.

However, Brown Sugar will be nearly as sweet as white sugar, but with a bit of nutty flavor. In contrast, coconut sugar is slightly nutty, a bit caramel, and not nearly sweet as brown sugar.

anyway coconut sugar has lower Glycemic Index (GI) than brown sugar, hence, people use it as a healthier solution. By contrast, brown sugar glycemic index is 64, while coconut sugar has a GI of 35.

This means, consuming coconut sugar is more save for people with diabetes, because coconut sugar has little impact on blood sugar than brown sugar.

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