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Glycemic Index Classification of Foods Chart
What is Glycemic Index? Why is it important
The main advantage of coconut sugar is its low glycemic index. But what is the glycemic index? And what is important to us. In this article we will discuss the meaning of the glycemic index, its effect on our lives, and how to calculate the glycemic index.
supplier coconut sugar kosher, supplier coconut sugar halal, supplier coconut sugar organic
Now Our Coconut Sugar Kosher Certified!
Global Coco Sugar's flagship product, now our coconut sugar Kosher Certified. If you don't know the function of kosher certification, then we will explain it to you. Certification is an important thing in the process of producing goods, by holding certain certifications, it can prove that the way our company produces products is in accordance with international standards.
coconut sugar in indonesia, which coconut sugar is the best to buy?
Secret Trick: Determine Which Coconut Sugar Is The Best
Coconut sugar, a natural sweetener derived from coconut tree sap, this product has advantages over other natural sweeteners, namely with a low glycemic index and unique taste. After understanding the product briefly, the question will surely arise from us, “which coconut sugar is the best?' or “how to choose the best coconut sugar”. If you have a question like that, you are lucky to have found this article, because we will go deeper into the answers to these questions.
The difference coconut and palm sugar products
5 Things You Didn’t Know Difference Palm and Coconut Sugar
Many people are confused when they see these 2 products, namely coconut sugar and palm sugar. For some people, these two products are the same and only marketing techniques are the difference. But is this assumption true? Let's take a closer difference palm and coconut sugar
Is coconut sugar taste good or bad?
3 Unique Taste of Coconut Sugar
Coconut sugar is derived from the sap of the coconut palm tree and is produced in the Southeast Asia. Coconut sugar is processed different than other sugar. It processed minimally, so it preserves some of the natural vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants found in other unprocessed sugars. Check out this article to know more about coconut sugar!
good packaging for coconut sugar in dubai
Coconut Sugar in Dubai, Uni Emirates Arab Market in 2022
Global Coco Sugar succeeded in becoming best coconut sugar in Dubai market, United Arab Emirates in 2022. This time we exported 2 types of products, namely coconut sugar and palm sugar to the Dubai, Uni Emirates Arab market.
global coco sugar exporting coconut sugar to europe czech republic
Successful Export Coconut Sugar by Global Coco Sugar In 2021
Global Coco Sugar has succeeded to export to the European continent. Even though in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Coco Sugar (PT Natarel Kolaborasi Indonesia) managed to export 15 tons of coconut sugar to the Czech Republic. The types of coconut sugar that are exported are coconut ant sugar and also nectar syrup.
coconut sugar in indonesia, which coconut sugar is the best to buy?
Why Coconut Sugar is Healthy and Better?
In this modern era, the standard of living for healthy always increases. Maybe we often think that a healthy life is always not delicious, especially we can not enjoy the sweet taste. Over time, many natural sweeteners can still provide pleasure in food but will not interfere with your health. One of them is a natural sweetener that is quite well known, namely coconut sugar.
cookie recipe how to make cookie coconut sugar recipe
Coconut Sugar Recipe
This is the best choco-chip cookie ever! A simple, fast, delicious recipe that everybody can try. The combination of a cookie and milk is never going wrong. You can eat it for any possible occasion with anyone you dearly love. Chewy, crispy, buttery, and sweet all in one in this tiny snack.
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