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Now Our Coconut Sugar Kosher Certified!

Global Coco Sugar’s flagship product, now our coconut sugar Kosher Certified. If you don’t know the function of kosher certification, then we will explain it to you.
Certification is an important thing in the process of producing goods, by holding certain certifications, it can prove that the way our company produces products is in accordance with international standards. With certain certifications, buyers will certainly be much more confident in the quality of the products that our company offers. Therefore, to increase the trust of our clients and buyers, we are constantly carrying out a certification process to standardize our products to a better level.

The following are product certifications that we already have:

kosher coconut sugar
Coconut Sugar Kosher
Coconut Sugar Kosher Certified

Kosher or kosyer is a term in Jewish food law. Kosher itself means “worthy”. So it can be said that if the product is certified kosher, then the followers of the Jewish religion need not doubt the feasibility of the food product. Some of the regulations in kosher law are prohibitions to consume pork, shellfish, most insects, a mixture of beef and milk, and regulate the procedure for slaughtering mammals or poultry. Besides that, there are also certain laws for agricultural products, whether these agricultural products can be said to be “Kosher” or not.

coconut sugar kosher Global Coco Sugar
Coconut Sugar Halal Indonesia Logo
Coconut Sugar Halal Certified

If you looking for coconut sugar halal certified, you came to the right place, our coconut sugar already halal certified. Halal is a legal term for food in Islam. This law comes from the holy book of Islam, namely the Al-Quran. There are several similarities between Halal and Kosher, namely the prohibition of eating pork and the existence of certain rituals for slaughtering animals. Even though they have similarities, in fact Kosher and Halal are not the same, so there are some Halal foods that cannot be said to be Kosher, and vice versa, Kosher food is not necessarily Halal. But fortunately, products from Global Coco Sugar, are already certified Halal and Kosher.

coconut sugar kosher Global Coco Sugar
Coconut Sugar HACCP Logo
Coconut Sugar HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Certified

HACCP or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is a food safety assurance certification through a system that is designed in a systematic and integrated manner. This certificate guarantees that the food production process is safe from the danger of contamination of the production of goods from biological, chemical, or physical factors. So it can be said that by having a HACCP certificate, food production can be said to be safe for consumption because it is not contaminated with hazardous materials

coconut sugar kosher Global Coco Sugar
BPOM / Indonesian FDA Logo
BPOM / Indonesian FDA

The BPOM certification or the Indonesian Food and Drug Supervisory Agency aims to indicate that our products are guaranteed by the agency. Therefore, our products can be declared safe for consumption and do not endanger the health of the people who consume them. And by having this BPOM certification, our products can legally be sold in retail.

coconut sugar kosher Global Coco Sugar
Eu Organic Logo
Coconut Sugar Organic Certified

The Coconut Sugar that we produce already has organic certificates for USDA Organic, EU Organic (European Organic), and JAS Organic (Japan Agricultural Standard). By having organic certification, our products can be categorized as organic food internationally, which will affect the quality of our products. By having an organic certificate, indirectly our products can be said to be chemically safer, so that the products we produce are free from Genetic Modified Organisms / Non-GMO. In addition, with our production process that is in accordance with international organic standards, the products we produce are healthier for the body because the production process can be said to be “natural” and in accordance with organic standards.

Besides that, our coconut sugar is also gluten free, so those of you who have gluten allergens don’t have to worry about trying our coconut sugar. Although we do not yet have a gluten free certificate, we routinely conduct lab tests on our products to ensure that our products are always free of allergens, especially gluten allergens.

That’s the certification that Global Coco Sugar has as of 2022. With so many food product certifications that we have now, we don’t get complacent, we will continue to develop the quality of our products and also increase our product certifications so that our products can follow international standards and can said to be the best quality product.

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