What is Glycemic Index? Why is it important

The main advantage of coconut sugar is its low glycemic index. But what is the glycemic index? And what is important to us. In this article we will discuss the meaning of the glycemic index, its effect on our lives, and how to calculate the glycemic index.

What is Glycemic Index?

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Coconut Fruit

The glycemic index is one of the calculation indexes to determine whether the food is good enough to maintain the stability of blood sugar in our body. The glycemic index of a food can also vary depending on its nutritional composition, how to cook and process the food product, and the number of processes that the food product goes through until we finally consume it.

Glycemic Index Classification Of Foods

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Glycemic Index Classification of Foods. Source lowglycemiccertification.com

The classification of the glycemic index value itself is divided into 3:

Low : 55 and below
Medium : 56 – 69
High: 70 and above

If the food product has a glycemic index value below 55 then the food product can be categorized as a low glycemic index food product. This means that these food products do not quickly trigger an increase in blood sugar levels in the body. Conversely, if the food product has a glycemic index value above 70, then the food product will trigger a rapid increase in blood sugar levels. For more details you can see the glycemic index calculator which can be found here.

Can the glycemic index value of food change?

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Coconut Product Low GI

The glycemic index value of food is influenced by many factors, namely the way food is processed, food ingredients, and the number of processes that a food goes through. So the glycemic index value can change and is not absolute. For example, coconut sugar has a glycemic index of 35 and is categorized as a low glycemic food, but if the processing of coconut sugar does not have a good standard, the glycemic index value can turn out to be higher. Luckily, coconut sugar products from Global Coco Sugar are well standardized, so we can guarantee users if our products have a low glycemic index.

Glycemic Index In Daily Life

The glycemic index is one index to determine whether the food will trigger a significant increase in blood sugar or not. The lower the glycemic index of eating these food products will not trigger a significant increase in blood sugar. In this case, the glycemic index can also be one of the considerations for diabetics to determine their diet. Diabetics are strongly advised to choose foods that have a low glycemic index so that it does not trigger an increase in blood sugar in their bodies. Besides the glycemic index, it can also be used as a diet method so that blood sugar in the body is in accordance with daily needs.

Advantages of the Glycemic Index Diet for the Body

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Glycemic Index Diet. Source Harvard Health

If you are interested in doing a glycemic index diet. There are several advantages that you will get if you do this diet.

Good Blood Sugar Management
The first advantage is that the management of blood sugar in your body will be much better, especially in people with type 2 diabetes.

Increases chances of weight loss
The glycemic diet will also help those of you who want to lose weight in the short term, and keep your weight stable in the long term

Reduces Cholesterol Levels
A low glycemic diet can reduce levels of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein / LDL), which is a risk factor for heart disease.

Controls appetite
One of the advantages of a low glycemic diet is appetite control. In theory, foods with a glycemic index will quickly increase blood glucose, so that it will trigger a rapid insulin response which in turn will make hunger come faster.

So if you are on a low glycemic diet, you will feel full longer.

So how do you do a glycemic diet? The method is very easy, you can choose the type of food you eat everyday with a low glycemic index. You can check the glycemic index of food products on the following glycemic index calculator.


After you know what the glycemic index is and its benefits in everyday life. Are you interested in going on a low glycemic index diet? Give your opinion

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