Organic Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair: 100% Easy And Effective

Is virgin coconut oil for hair really good?

Coconut oil has become an increasingly popular hair care ingredient in recent years. In particular, virgin coconut oil is valued for its versatility, safety, and nourishing properties when used on hair. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of using virgin coconut oil for your hair and how to effectively incorporate it into your hair care routine.

What is Organic Virgin Coconut Oil?

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Virgin coconut oil is an unrefined, cold-pressed oil derived from fresh mature coconuts. “Virgin” means it is extracted from coconuts without high heat or chemical processing. This preserves the oil’s beneficial lauric acid, vitamins E and K, iron, and other nutrients. Virgin coconut oil maintains its light coconut scent and flavor. In contrast, refined coconut oils are bleached and deodorized using chemicals and high heat. This process removes nutrients and the coconut scent.

Benefits Of Use Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair

Moisturizes Dry, Damaged Hair

The fatty acids in coconut oil, including lauric acid, deeply penetrate and nourish hair. By reducing protein loss, coconut oil strengthens and protects weak, brittle strands from breakage. Its moisturizing properties make virgin coconut oil an ideal treatment for dry, damaged hair. It improves shine and manageability by smoothing the hair cuticle.

Promotes Healthy Scalp

Organic Virgin coconut oil contains antifungal and antibacterial properties from lauric acid and caprylic acid. This makes coconut oil effective in treating dandruff caused by fungus or dry scalp. Gently massaging coconut oil into the scalp can relieve itching and flaking. It also helps remove scalp buildup from hair products or dry skin. A healthy scalp means healthy hair growth.

Prevents Hair Damage

The vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids in virgin coconut oil nourish hair from root to tip. This strengthens strands and prevents split ends and breakage. Using coconut oil as a pre-wash conditioning treatment provides a protective layer. This reduces protein loss and damage from daily grooming, heat tools, sun exposure, chlorine, and other environmental stressors.

Fights Frizz and Adds Shine

Virgin coconut oil is an excellent frizz fighter. As a lightweight oil, coconut oil smoothes strands without leaving excess greasiness or oil buildup. It tames flyaways and frizzy hair by sealing the cuticle for sleek, glossy hair. The lauric acid penetrates each strand while locking in moisture. Regular application results in noticeably softer, shinier, more manageable hair.

Promotes Hair Growth

The nutrients in virgin coconut oil nourish hair follicles, which stimulates growth. Stronger hair strands experience less breakage. This allows hair to grow longer and thicker between cuts. The antimicrobial properties also maintain a healthy scalp environment ideal for growing healthy hair. Using coconut oil may prevent hair loss from breakage or scalp issues.

How to Use Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair

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There are countless ways to use of virgin coconut oil into your hair care routine. Try these simple methods for nourished, healthy hair:

Overnight Treatment

Rub a small amount of melted coconut oil between your hands. Apply thoroughly from roots to ends. Cover hair in a shower cap overnight. Wash out in the morning with gentle shampoo.

Pre-Wash Conditioner

Apply melted coconut oil generously to your hair before showering. Let it soak in for at least 20 minutes then shampoo as usual. This gives the oil time to penetrate strands before rinsing clean.

Post-Shower Serum

While hair is still damp, smooth a tiny bit of coconut oil through ends only. This seals in moisture and prevents split ends and flyaways as hair dries.

Hot Oil Treatment

Heat virgin coconut oil until warm and pourable. Section and apply thoroughly from scalp to ends. Pile into a shower cap and leave on for 30-60 minutes. The heat opens cuticles so oil can penetrate deeper before rinsing out.

Leave-In Conditioner

Eliminate frizz by smoothing a tiny amount of coconut oil through towel-dried hair, especially the ends. Let air dry naturally. Use sparingly to avoid greasiness.

Split End Serum

Target just the ends with coconut oil to nourish dry tips. Frequent application helps prevent split ends and breakage.

Scalp Massage

Dab a generous amount of coconut oil across your scalp and massage in small circular motions with fingers for 2-5 minutes. Leave in at least 30 minutes before washing hair.

Protective Styling

Apply coconut oil lightly before braiding, putting in extensions, or heat styling. This gives an added layer of protection against damage.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

For deeper conditioning, warm extra virgin coconut oil to liquefy. Apply liberally from roots to tips. Let sit 30 minutes to an hour before washing out with shampoo. This intensely moisturizes hair.

Choosing the Best Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair

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When purchasing coconut oil for hair, look for pure virgin or extra virgin coconut oil. Cold-pressed is ideal as well. This light, non-greasy oil absorbs easily without clogging pores. The scent varies from light and sweet to stronger toasted coconut depending on processing method.

How Often to Use Virgin Coconut Oil on Hair

When starting with coconut oil hair treatments, begin with once or twice a week. Gradually work up to more frequent use if desired. Listen to your hair's needs. Curly or dry hair typically appreciates more moisturizing. For fine hair, stick to the ends only to avoid excess greasiness at the roots. People with oily scalps or hair may prefer just an occasional deeper conditioning treatment.

The Best Time to Apply Organic Coconut Oil to Hair

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Organic Virgin Coconut oil solidifies below about 76°F. To make application easier, melt the coconut oil first by rubbing a small amount between your palms or placing the container in a bowl of hot water before use. Applying before bed allows more time for deeper penetration before washing out. However you choose to use it, coconut oil is generally messier than other fluids. Wearing a shower cap keeps oil from staining pillowcases or clothes.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil For Hair Is It Really Good?

Use of virgin coconut oil is an easy yet effective way to nourish hair. The vitamins, essential fatty acids, and nutrients in unrefined coconut oil strengthen strands, tame frizz, add shine, prevent split ends, stimulate growth, and treat scalp issues like dandruff. It also protects against damage from styling, environmental exposure, and aging. Just a small amount massaged into damp hair leaves locks noticeably softer, smoother, and healthier overtime. Incorporating coconut oil into your regular hair care provides natural moisture for gorgeous hair.

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