Successful Export Coconut Sugar by Global Coco Sugar In 2021
export coconut sugar Global Coco Sugar
Source : PT Natarel Kolaborasi Indonesia

Global Coco Sugar Exporting Coconut Sugar To Europe

Global Coco Sugar has succeeded to export to the European continent. Even though in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Coco Sugar (PT Natarel Kolaborasi Indonesia) managed to export 15 tons of coconut sugar to the Czech Republic. The types of coconut sugar that are exported are coconut ant sugar and also nectar syrup.

The ceremonial export to the Czech Republic was also attended by the Head of Department of Agriculture Purbalingga, and also the Head of Department of Industry and Commerce Purbalingga. They are very supportive of Global Coco Sugar (PT Natalel Kolaborasi Indonesia) to promote agricultural products from Purbalingga, Central Java, Indonesia.
This coconut sugar export comes from the Purbalingga, ​​Central Java, Indonesia. As we know, coconut sugar is one of the natural sweetener alternatives that are in great demand worldwide. Coconut sugar offers a unique taste and has a lower glycemic index than commonly consumed cane sugar. This makes coconut sugar better than cane sugar when compared to the glycemic index. The glycemic index of coconut sugar is at a value of 35, while the glycemic index of cane sugar is at 68. 

In addition, the coconut sugar produced by Global Coco Sugar has very good quality and complete certificates. Global Coco Sugar has HACCP, Organic and Fair Trade Certificates (in progress). This ultimately makes it easier for us to export coconut sugar to many countries in the world.
"Exports of Indonesian coconut sugar to the Indonesian market always increase from year to year, so we are proud to be one of the exporters of coconut sugar in Indonesia," said Farel Alfarizy - Commissioner of PT Natarel Kolaborasi Indonesia
According to the mediaperkebunan data we managed to get, Indonesia's coconut sugar exports continued to increase from year to year, the latest data recorded that coconut sugar exports in Indonesia in 2018 amounted to 35,578 tons of coconut sugar.

Therefore We will continue to take part and become a key supplier of coconut sugar from Indonesia to the international market.

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