Indonesian Export Business Potential is Huge? Global Coco Sugar at Komunitas Bisa Ekspor Event

What Is Komunitas Bisa Ekspor?

komunitas bisa ekspor Global Coco Sugar
Komuntias Bisa Ekspor

Komunitas Bisa Ekspor is an export-import community with the largest digital platform in Indonesia, with 280 thousand active members. Member of Komunitas Bisa Ekspor come from various backgrounds, ranging from students, entrepreneurs, private employees, etc. This community offers complete solutions for export businesses starting from looking partners with suppliers, buyers, as well as connecting newbies in the field of export-import with experts in that field.

Komunitas Bisa Ekspor also regularly invites experts in the export-import field to share and transfer knowledge for newbies in the export-import sector.

Global Coco Sugar at Komunitas Bisa Ekspor Event

komunitas bisa ekspor Global Coco Sugar
Global Coco Sugar Become Speakers at Komunitas Bisa Ekspor Event

We are Global Coco Sugar, directly selected by the Export Exportable Community to fill in the events they are holding and conduct sharing sessions on tips and tricks on export-import of coconut products in front of hundreds of members of Komunitas Bisa Ekspor

Global Coco Sugar sent our 2 best teams namely Mr. Arsy and Mr. Rifqi to do the sharing. The sharing event ran smoothly and it is hoped that the material presented by the Global Coco Sugar team will help to grow interest and strengthen the mentality of newbie exporters in Indonesia. We also hope that in the future Indonesia can have an important role in the international export-import industry.

The Global coco sugar session provided material for the initial process of preparing mentally, how to find overseas buyers, product requirements in each country, and the challenges young exporters must face. Even though it was difficult at the start, we always ensured that if their export-import business was running, it would get lighter and lighter and in the end they young exporters could be successful in the export-import world.

How to Start an Export Business?

brown and red shipping containers
How to start an export business

Mr. Muhammad Arsyi as the Global Coco Sugar team who provided material at the Export Can Community event said that the import-export business is not difficult, because basically there is no difficult business, it's just consistency against fear and laziness that is actually difficult. Mr. Arsyi also said that young exporters should not feel insecure or afraid because they are still young. Arsyi said that now is the time for young people to work and be able to exceed their previous parents with facilities that are easy and fast.

Meanwhile Mr. Rifqi always emphasizes caution in every transaction with clients. Because sometimes because they don't care about the client too much, exporters are not careful about export-import licensing. Mr. Rifqi also always emphasizes that Indonesia is a country that should be able to become a developed country through exports, because Indonesia is a country that has a lot of good quality natural products.

Indonesian Export Business Potential in 2020-2023

supplier coconut sugar in the usa, natural sweetener in the usa
Indonesian Export Potential in 2023

Besides that, if we look further, the value of Indonesia's exports in the last 2 years has always increased even though it is in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Indonesia's export value has grown by around 30 – 50% in the last two years. Therefore, Indonesia's export-import industry is on a positive trend because in addition to export values ​​growing quite large, Indonesia has also been found to have many young exporters starting their businesses. It is hoped that Indonesia can continue to develop and take an important role in international trade

For information, According to Indonesian Statistic Agency, the value of Indonesia's exports in 2022 will reach US$244.14 billion and it is projected that in 2023 it will continue to rise. Therefore this is a momentum for new exporters or Indonesian entrepreneurs to develop their business to an international level

At the end of the material sharing, the global coco sugar team emphasized that despite the issue of a recession in 2023, Indonesia is likely to be able to escape the recession by optimizing its export capabilities. So it is hoped that Indonesia will escape from recession in 2023 and beyond.

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