Coconut Sugar in Dubai, Uni Emirates Arab Market in 2022
coconut sugar in dubai
Exporting Coconut Sugar to Dubai Market. Source : Global Coco Sugar
Global Coco Sugar succeeded in becoming best coconut sugar in Dubai market, United Arab Emirates in 2022. This time we exported 2 types of products, namely coconut sugar and palm sugar to the Dubai, Uni Emirates Arab market. And for the first time we also sent products with non-organic variants outside Indonesia.

The Coconut Sugar that we produce is of the best quality for the global market. We produce our coconut sugar in Central Java, Indonesia. The quality of coconut and palm trees in Central Java has been recognized by the world. There are many other coconut sugar producers in the Central Java area, but we, Global Coco Sugar, have a unique point that other coconut sugar suppliers don't have. Our good service, complete product certification, and very competitive prices are our superior values.

Challenges Of Exporting Coconut Sugar in Dubai Market

The challenge we face in exporting coconut sugar and palm sugar to the Dubai market is the price of goods logistics. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the logistics sector, especially export-import, are still influential. We are a little difficult to find a suitable shipping line both in terms of price and service for shipping from Indonesia to the United Arab Emirates. However, in the end, we were able to resolve the difficulties quickly and precisely. In the end we were able to send our products to the Dubai, Uni Emirates Arab market without any significant problems.

Coconut Sugar VS Arrenga Palm Sugar

coconut sugar supplier in indonesia
Differences Between Coconut Sugar and Palm Sugar

Basically coconut sugar and palm sugar have almost the same shape and taste. There is only a slight difference in the raw material of this product. Coconut sugar is made from the sap of the coconut tree which is cooked, while palm sugar comes from the sap of the palm tree which is cooked. The unique fact is, coconut trees and palm trees are still 1 family (palm tree).

But despite the many similarities between these 2 products, palm sugar has a slightly different color and taste. Palm sugar has a darker color than coconut sugar. This is because the color of the palm tree sap has a darker color. Besides that, palm sugar has a more distinctive taste than coconut sugar.

Benefits of Coconut Sugar And Arrenga Palm Sugar

coconut sugar in indonesia
Coconut Sugar. Source : Global Coco Sugar

The benefits of coconut sugar and palm sugar also have in common, the most famous of which is having a low glycemic index. The glycemic index number for these 2 products is in the range of 35. Due to the low glycemic index, this is the main reason why coconut sugar is in great demand by the global market. A low glycemic index indicates that these foods will not make blood sugar rise significantly if consumed in normal amounts.

In addition to a low glycemic index, like other natural sweeteners, coconut sugar also contains minerals such as vitamin C, iron, protein, calcium and other minerals that are very good for our bodies.

How To Choose A Good Coconut Sugar

How to choose a good coconut sugar is from product specifications. Product specifications of good powdered coconut sugar usually have a fairly low level of dryness, usually the dryness level of powdered coconut sugar is below 3%. With a low dryness level, it will prevent mold from forming in coconut sugar products. Coconut sugar products from Global Coco Sugar have a dryness level below 3%, to be precise at 1.15% - 1.3%. This figure is quite low for coconut sugar products. We can also customize specifications according to client's requirements.

Besides good product specifications, product certification can also be a consideration for finding good coconut sugar products. Coconut sugar products must at least have international food safety certification. Our products are certified for food safety, organic and fair trade. This certification is the difference with other coconut sugar products.


coconut sugar in dubai

The conclusion is that although there is a slight challenge to export coconut sugar to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In the end, we were able to export our products without any problems, and our products were standardized internationally, so there were no product problems at all. Plus, we will continue to provide our best service to our clients. Therefore, if you want to have the best coconut sugar business partner, Global Coco Sugar must be your main consideration.

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