Coconut Sugar in The USA and North America by Global Coco Sugar
Many surveys have proven that coconut sugar in the USA is the most popular natural sweetener. This was proven by Global Coco Sugar by exporting 19 Tons of coconut sugar to the USA. The coconut sugar variant sent by Global Coco Sugar is a variant of organic powdered coconut sugar
This huge transaction value had a direct or indirect impact on the Purbalingga area, where the Global Coco Sugar coconut sugar factory was established. The social impact caused is enormous, from the farmers who are global partners for coco sugar, our factory employees, as well as those related to shipping and licensing who have received a very positive impact from this shipment. As well as the indirect impact for the Indonesian state to fight the global recession issue that will be present in 2023.

How Is The Trend of Coconut Sugar in The USA and North America

coconut sugar in the USA Global Coco Sugar
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According to the Global Coco Sugar marketing team represented by Mr. Arsyi Kurniawan, this delivery is the beginning of the market development that will be carried out by Global Coco Sugar during 2023, even though in the midst of the Ukrainian-Russian war, and the post-pandemic economic effects, Global Coco Sugar will continue to strive to expand, especially to the United States of America and Canada in year 2023. Arsyi also believes that the USA is an excellent market for coconut sugar, because many food industries are slowly starting to switch to using healthier sweeteners, and one of the healthiest sweeteners is coconut sugar.

Why Coconut Sugar Becoming Favourite Natural Sweetener in The USA

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Coconut sugar itself is a healthy sweetener with the advantage of having a low glycemic index, which is 35, while the white sugar that we often use daily has a glycemic index of 65. So you can say that coconut sugar is a very good alternative sweetener. compared to white sugar. Besides that, coconut sugar also has a distinctive taste like caramel, so it can be said that almost everyone likes the taste of caramel. Coconut sugar also tends to be cheaper than other natural sweeteners such as honey, dates or stevia.

Expanding Coconut Sugar Market In The USA, Is it Promising?

coconut sugar in the USA Global Coco Sugar
Global Coco Sugar Team
Mr. Arsyi also added that the need for coconut sugar as an alternative sweetener in the USA is increasing every year, this is due to the increasing awareness of healthy food in the USA, therefore the USA and Canada will become the main targets of Global Coco Sugar in 2023.
Mr. Rifqi Hermawan as the global logistics team for coco sugar also commented on the delivery of coconut sugar to the USA this time. He said that the main challenge for shipping this time was the unpredictable ship schedule from Indonesia to the USA. However Rifqi also added that logistics costs this year were the lowest since Covid-19 hit at the end of 2019. So Mr. Rifqi hopes that the downward trend in global logistics prices will spur the amount of exports made by Global Coco Sugar.
It is undeniable that sea logistics globally has experienced a negative trend since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, the difficulty of ship schedules has had an impact on the high price of sea logistics. But recently sea logistics costs have started to change to normal since the covid-19 pandemic

What Can Coconut Sugar Be Used For?

coconut sugar in the USA Global Coco Sugar
For information, coconut sugar is usually used as a natural sweetener such as cakes, breads, desserts, chocolate, and various other sweet foods. But besides that, coconut sugar can also be used as an ingredient in cosmetic products. This can happen because the mineral content in coconut sugar is very good for the skin, so many cosmetic companies have started to try coconut sugar as a mixed ingredient for their products. Usually coconut sugar is used in scrub products because it has a fairly rough texture but does not hurt the skin.

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